Q: How do you check your CDL Driving Record?

Q: How do you check your CDL Driving Record?

by Martin

A: There are times when you will want to get a copy of your CDL driving record, and to do that you can contact your local DMV office. There are sites online that offer you the opportunity to get a copy of your driving record as well.

Some of these sites will give you information for free and some of them will require that you pay for their services. You should be aware that some companies that offer free driving records do not show all the information that is available to you.

You will need a copy of your CDL driving record for various reasons; one of them being in the case of changing companies. When you try to get hired by another company, they will request a copy of your CDL record to make sure that you are current on your license and you have all the points that you need to work for them.

They will check on what kind of moving violations you have, if any, and they will see if you have had any issues with weight limits as well. All of these things are important and the slightest infraction could end up costing you your job with them.

Besides all of that, it is a good idea to check your record occasionally to find out if there is anything there that needs to be taken care of that you might not have been informed about, too.

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